Monday, October 17, 2016

Extra Together-days.


Last week my husband took a few days off. *GASP* Apparently, he can actually survive a bit of downtime. Because of all the extra hours he's put in over the past months, he only had to take one day of leave for us to have the whole week together. That means he'll HAVE to take more time off soon. Oh darn. 

We definitely didn't just lay around.

We designed, built, stained, and hung a new mantle.

Yes, it opens. 

Now, instead of poking the fire starter and tools into holes up in the brick, we can store them safely out of sight. The mantle matches the ceiling beams and looks as thought it's always been there.

We removed, shortened, moved, and re-installed the work bench in the garage. I'm not going to even attempt to photograph that. While everything in there is much more organized than before, it's still a long way from being lovely.

We began work on a standing desktop as Joe begins work on his own PR firm

Eventually the top will have sides, a back, and be stained dark to match the desk, mantle, beams, and whatnot. 

We went apple picking (again for us ladies) and have a crock pot full of apple mash cooking down for apple butter. 

And there may have been some late night halloween fairy magic.

I'm debating felting them, debating flower crowns or hair clips. And debating some for myself - I'm not going to go full costume, but I could definitely rock a fairy crown. Plus it could definitely come in handy.

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