Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Play house, Play Mat, Play Hats - WIP Wednesday, February 24th, 2016


Creating is my passion, my sanity, my sense of being "up to something", my way of contributing a little bit. I always have a few projects going, many left to the side for months or even years before I pick up the best and carry on. Here's some of what I'm working on this week:

Almost a month ago, C informed us that her house was going to be RIGHT HERE.

This week we started to make to make it happen! We've had to pause our efforts for snow and rain but we can pick right up where we left off.

I've gotten to do a bit more work on a needle felted play mat for the girls and their lovely wooden animals. Being unfinished hasn't stopped them from playing with it, but it feels great to do more.

Some features (grass) go very quickly and then little things like stones and stumps take ages. So excited to see it come together.

A's little Wren has been wishing for a hat, ever since Willow got one for Christmas. In an emergency crafting session (oh the frustration when NONE of the hats would stay on Wren's head) I quick made a new hat. Phew! 

What are you working on? What are you excited about attempting? What are you proud to be working on? Take a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link in the comments.


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    1. There's a reason for that. :) I knew just where to go in the crafting emergency! Thank you so much for the treasures.

  2. Whoa!
    That's an awful lot of cuteness!