Monday, December 21, 2015

Mixing the old in with the new - scenes from our home today


Between the start of the holidays and everyone getting sick, we lost our momentum in making our new house our own. I was bemoaning the lack of magic in our new house (as compared to our old house where we'd been for almost eight years) and then realized, we hadn't yet worked our own magic on much of our new house.

Digging for treasures in the boxes in the garage, I came across a few things that found their place in our new home only minutes later. It's remarkable how some of our treasures remind us who we are. 

We are slowly blending our old belongings into our new space, and incorporating our new space into who we are. 

Many things are lovingly being placed aside to move along to their next life where they belong to someone else. 

We are revisiting old projects, adding new elements and even integrating some pieces recovered from a newly homed grandparent. Four generations and still some room to grow.

The evening after the last post about garlands I spied some lovely ladies getting crafty. We have a carefully collected and curated collection of ornaments and decorations for the season. Most have either survived the time since our childhoods or are handmade treasures made or purchased a few at a time over our years together.

We are looking forward to quiet days at home, celebration, family, giving, light in the darkness, and coming together to express our gratitude for each other.

Wishing you and yours the very best. 

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  1. Merry Christmas Myrrh. Have a great one. Hope I get to meet your little girls soon! Love Callaxoxo