Monday, December 7, 2015

C's Turning Three and Seasonal Ick


Tomorrow, our dear C turns three. (Wait WHAT??) 

Over the weekend we had a lovely gathering to celebrate. When planning, she eventually agreed we could invite people other than just two of her favorite cousins. We had lively time and received a surprise spinet piano! It needs a little repair and to be tuned, but even so, it's lovely to hear and exciting to have a house with a piano again. 

Sometime around the holidays, at least in our family, we invariably get sick. Not knock and drag out sick we can call out from work, just ick. Just sludgy, slow us down, make us less than inspired sick. With extra naps, vitamin C pops, way more cuddling, holding hands, and patience, and somehow we make it through.

So I'm going to sign off and try, yet another evening in a row, to get an ornament or two on our tree, snuggle up while watching another twenty minutes of White Christmas, and get ready to be patient enough to get to girls in bed.


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