Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mountain of Soil - Happy in the Gardens


Last week we got a delivery of loam/compost mix.

For the first time in my life, I have had as much dirt as I want.

We're slowly filling in the low spots in the garden beds,

Finishing old beds,

And even building new ones!

With the big trees down at the side we have some new space to use, that *might* even be close to full sun.  

After all the years of gardening at our old house, we're starting pretty fresh in our new space.

The garlic that didn't do well last year (so we didn't plant any) came up again. 

Slowly, one spot at a time, we're turning this gravel plot into a living, growing space.



  1. Wonderful.
    And wondering — how did you build that new raised bed?

  2. Scraps of old folding doors and wood that was around. It's shabby chic.

  3. it's brilliant is what it is - the end panels are portions of some fencing panel leftover from the back porch.