Thursday, March 23, 2017

March Decluttering Challenge Week 3


Another week into our March Decluttering Challenge, and things feel like they're starting to shift. We've decided to extend the challenge past the end of March and keep going until we really feel like there's little else to move along.

Here's what we've moved along this past week:

Desk organizer - 1
Kitchen gadgets/accessories - 3
Bookends and organizers - 4
mugs/teacups - 2
Netbook computer - 1
Cloth napkins - 6
Pairs of Dress Socks - 7
Towel holders - 2
Grownup clothes - 3
Cooler/reusable grocery bags - 2
Children's toys - 2

Total number of items moved along this month: 114
Total number of dollars earned: $180.00

Currently listed and awaiting response/pickup: 29

We're only ten thing away from completing our goal and I haven't even begun to tackle the bins and bags of girls clothing. We have so many generous friends and at least one sensitive girl (like myself) who will pretty much only happily wear cotton knit, without scratchy tags.

We have a long way to go and I'm so thrilled to be lightening our load with each item that goes on to its next life.

With the official start of spring, (even with the snowstorm) I'm so excited to throw off the mantle of winter and the burden of all the stuff we have to move along. 

I've started to curate my already little wardrobe. If I don't wear it, why? Can I fix it? 

So much of this is letting go of who we think we are supposed to be, other people's expectations of us, and accepting what we actually do, like, and use. 

Here's to more lightness!


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