Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Decluttering Challenge Week 2, 2017

Yesterday we celebrated Pi day by having Spinach Pie, Cowboy Pie (shepherd's pie with beef), strawberry rhubarb pie with fruit from the freezer, and a chocolate porter pie - think chocolate mouse pie with a hint of porter flavor. Yum!

We also celebrated a snow day with hours of shoveling.

In spite of all of that,

Here's what we've moved along this past week:
Here's what we've moved along this past week:

(forgot from first week) Big carpet - 1
Kitchen accessories/attachments - 4
Books - 8
Reusable pads - 4
Vases/frogs - 12
Mugs - 2
Salad servers - 1
Fairy lights and electric tapers - 9
Kids clothes - 12
Maternity shirts - 8

Total number of items moved along this month: 80
Total number of dollars earned: $174.50

Currently listed and awaiting response/pickup: 37

We've gone through most of our pile of stuff to move along and are having to start looking in more unusual places.

We started going through our utility/storage closet and listed even more things. 

Things that didn't sell on craigslist we've now listed on Ebay (local pickup still an option), as well as some others. 

We're half way through and very slightly ahead and not quite to the feel-good part where our load starts to feel lighter. I've been aiming to list or donate five things per day, knowing that at the end of the month it'll be to late to list and ship/deliver/arrange pickup for things.

There's more work to be done, back into the fray!


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