Saturday, November 12, 2016

Simple Fall Crafts - paper punches, leaves and bark SaturDIY November 12th, 2016


Just like the felt ball garland from last week, here's another craft that is incredibly easy, and surprisingly beautiful.

Did you know that you can use paper craft punches to cut shapes out of materials other than paper? They don't really work with fabric but turns out leaves and birch bark are fair game.

It's really as easy as that.

We've pressed some particularly colorful one between sheets of blotting paper.

Have some in the wings ( :D ) for an upcoming birthday girl's decor.

And are very much enjoying butterflies everywhere! 

Paper punches are available at most craft supply stores as well as easily found online.



  1. Mine are still fluttering around on my desk next to our wedding photo. I really like them. I'm thinking of getting a small, flat, glass container to put them in (like my glass paperweight with pretty stones in it).

    1. how lovely! I was trying to figure a way to set them in epoxy like a bug in amber. :) Not trying too hard, but daydreaming about it.