Saturday, November 5, 2016

Felt Ball Garland - SaturDIY, November 4th, 2016


If you're on Pinterest, you've seen all the crafting beauty - seemingly impossible DIY things that no one with any real level of ability or time (never mind children) can actually accomplish.

Here's one that looks amazing and is incredibly easy.

Felt Ball Garland

Materials and Tools:

Felt Balls (I purchased these.)
Yarn or string.
Large eyed needle (sharp helps but isn't necessary)


1.) Sew yarn directly through the middle of the ball and do a slight backstitch to hold the ball in position on the yarn.

2.) Repeat. 

I chose to alternate colors and size. I am immensely thrilled about how it came out and am excited to see it on our Christmas tree! 

Apologies for the night photos - when the intended recipients are only distracted long enough while sleeping, night is the only time for such endeavors.



  1. Oh! Now I want to make a felt ball solar system!

    1. you can buy pre-made felt solar system planets. First listing on an Etsy search: