Monday, August 8, 2016

Walking To Town - One Car Family


Joe's car suffered a fatal injury on his return trip

After crunching numbers, taking a good hard look at our needs, wants, and plans, we have decided to be a one car family. At least for now. 

We are lucky to live about a mile and a half from our little downtown. It has just about everything we really need in a pinch, and then some. For farther adventures we can drive daddy to and from work and have the car for the day. 

Inspired by Rachel Jonat's post (Minimalist Mom), I'm seriously considering a cargo bike to expand our range, but for the mean time, we'll hoof it to town. 

We load up the wagon, hitch up the dog, and are off!

Pausing in the shade to look at and listen to the river. 

The last couple of weeks we've been able to do multiple errands on foot each trip, end with a treat, and make our way back home. Our trusty garden wagon is far easier than strapping the girls into the car, and the 3+ mile round trip walk is doubtless better for me and the dog. Plus it's free. Somehow walking to town is an adventure while driving there is a chore. 

There's something about doing difficult things that makes the rest of it all feel more possible. 

Here's to feet!



  1. YAY walking and wagoning! I'm very curious about which route you take. Cross St is considerably steeper than Scanlon, but has less traffic. Then, after the Bliss St bridge, do you turn left to Corticelli to Park or right over to Maple? Both, of course, have the same amount of rise, but via Corticelli is a bit more gradual climb then the large rise at the bottom of Maple St. You can also follow the sidewalk on Florence Rd down to Ryan Rd where the sidewalk takes a short cut over to Pine St and a different bridge over the river. That way avoids the whole Scanlon/Cross/Bliss go-down-then-go-back-up thing. You're still going up, but you don't go down first so it's less up. Plus, all these ways are pretty much the exact same distance.

    1. So far we've always taken Scanlon - it has more traffic but it's only one way, is smoother and there's more visibility. Bliss is good for toddlers to walk. I've considered Corticelli but most of the things we do in town are east of Maple so I've always just gone that way. Joe's taken C swimming at the corner with Pine but I prefer to get off FloRoad as soon as we can.