Saturday, August 13, 2016

Infused (Flavored) Water - Satur-DIY, August 13th, 2016


It's hot. It's humid. 

It's sit-in-the-shade-and-drink-something-cold-and-delicious weather. And occasionally spray-oneself-with-the-hose weather. 

While I can't help you with the hose, I can help you with the something delicious to drink.

Infused (Flavored) Water

Combine fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs in water, let steep. Chill, and enjoy.


Prepare fruit or vegetable and herb.

Put in a large pitcher or glass jar and cover with water.

I love using a half gallon (64oz) mason jar with the marvelous wide mouth pop-top lid from EcoJarz

I can't speak highly enough of EcoJarz. We have at least one of almost everything they make. The pop-top lid makes it easy to keep it sealed and closed for shaking or travel, and then easy to sip, pour, or refill.

When drinking infused water, I keep finding myself surprised at new combinations of flavors, I haven't come across a bad one yet. I'm sure they are out there but I haven't had one.  

For strong flavors such as mint, or lemon, a few leaves or a couple slices will easily flavor two quarts (half gal) of water. You're not making juice you're just adding flavor. 

With most herbs "bruising," rather than chopping them, will add more flavor and make it easier to keep the bits out of your glass. Just crumple them, roll them between your palms, or even press down with the flat side of a knife. 

Here are some of my favorite flavor combinations for infused water:

Raspberry Lime - six to ten raspberries and slices of half a lime

Basil Strawberry - few basil leaves an a few slices strawberries

Cucumber Mint - four or five cucumber slices and a few mint leaves

Basil Watermelon - four to six basil leaves and quarter cup of watermelon cubes

Grapefruit Rosemary - quarter grapefruit sliced and a sprig of bruised rosemary

Lemon Blueberry - half lemon sliced and 10 to 12 halved blueberries

Cranberry Orange - six to eight halved cranberries and half an orange sliced

Ginger Peach - two or three slices of fresh ginger and half a peach sliced 

Apple Sage - half an apple sliced and five to eight sage leaves.

What are your favorite combinations? 

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  1. I used to be happy with mint.
    It will be so fun to try all your amazing sounding combinations.
    Starting with cucumber mint.
    Thank you