Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bringing ceramics home - ceramic lantern


Between the weather and my fall, it's taken me a few extra weeks to get the last of my ceramics home after the close of the student show.

One of our first assignments turned into my favorite piece of the semester. We had to coil-build a sphere at least the size of a large cantaloupe. Beyond the basic spherical shape we were free to use our imaginations. 

I have always loved lanterns and some of my favorite pictures from my international trip last year were of similar shaped lanterns in various states of creation. I even got to watch some ladies making some pretty spectacular silk ones.

Here is my interpretation in stoneware. It's over a 12" in all directions and used over twenty-five pounds of clay.


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  1. This is incredible. But even more amazing in person. Not that you making something incredible is amazing... well, you know what I mean.