Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting to class - 3-ring binder cover


I have a professor that likes printouts. We get four to six printed sheets most every class. After only a few weeks of the semester, I was already tired of shuffling papers around.

Enter the 3-ring binder. The problem is that they're plastic.

Fabric on the other hand?

Fabric, I like.  Fabric, I have. A bunch of quick, straight steams and voila!

Instead of a jumble in a bag I have my re-vamped binder!

Night classes are a little easier when you've got butterflies and polka dots on your side.



  1. Well, this is brilliant. I hate the feel of the plastic binders but the few paper ones I've found are expensive and not very durable. Such an improvement -- visually and feely. (I bet it even sounds, smells, and tastes better?)