Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy in the kitchen - rolling pin rack


Ages ago I saw an old timey spice rack with curved wood hooks at the bottom to hold a rolling pin. I loved the idea and was determined to make my own. As I have both a marble and a wooden french pastry rolling pin, I decided a flat shelf on the top would best suit my needs. 

Now I can keep my counters clear, use up harder to reach space in the corner and enjoy the beauty of these tools while keeping them close at hand.



  1. Awesome, as usual.

    What are those things that look like brains in the 2nd picture? (In the bowl)

  2. heh heh. :D

    De-zested grapefruits :)

  3. I'm proud to have given you your first tool set for Christmas in 1989 when you were 7. And that first piece you and Jason made with it still hangs on the wall next to my toolbox. Jason's right: "Awesome, as usual." I love you, Darling Daughter.

  4. that is a really great idea:)
    wow, you made that?
    glad to hear good things about sophias hearth...I will be there for 2 weeks this summer, 1 week in the fall and spring, and then another 2 weeks in summer 2012. we are hoping to learn more about the town and lodging information...if you can share any insight, that's be fantastic, love:) :)