Monday, August 28, 2023

Catching up on Princess Cakes - Happy Birthday Daddy!

 It's that time of year again... 

And now it's a tradition. 

I've been a bit remiss the last couple of years in updating you about Daddy's Princess Cakes.

I'll remedy that now.

In 2021, I did the Boston Cream Pie theme again. "Plant-based" food coloring lent a subtle coloring to boughten marzipan. Again the high-octane white sugar of the marzipan clashed a little with the natural sweeteners of everything else. 

The creme pat soaked into the cake making it moist and delicious. 

In 2022 I decided to try another of Daddy's favorite cake flavors growing up and made a pistachio and honey marzipan:

In spite of loving pistachio pastries, I felt that the honey and pistachio of the marzipan didn't quite work out. Perhaps I wasn't even using the right type of pistachio! 

and finally...

2023 (Happy birthday love!)

I made date-sweetened almond marzipan and added a little plant-based red food coloring to some for the flower. I liked the simplicity of the date/almond/water marzipan but I think I'll try a honey/almond one next time. The date was sticky and hard to work with and I felt like it was a competing rather than complimentary flavor to everything else going on.

This was the most successful cream dome I've done yet! 

I did kind of wing the cream dome and the creme pat but somehow I managed to pull it together and no one had trouble eating it. 

In spite of my own criticism, my love keeps asking for Princessa Torta for his birthday treat! 

Have you made anything that's healthy AND delicious lately?

Comment below! 

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