Thursday, July 29, 2021

Notes from the Atelier: News and upcoming changes! 7/29/21



1: an artist's or designer's studio or workroom

Thank you so much to everyone who followed along with any of the February Love Where You Are challenge posts! 

I enjoyed the process of developing my writing during that challenge so much. It really got me thinking about what direction I want to take my work. 

I started this blog in 2009 during the ramp-up to HandsomeJoe's first deployment as a creative outlet and a way to keep in touch with people during his absence. 

He has (hooray!) just returned home from another deployment (most likely his last) and I'm ready to head in a new direction.

  Penny Bun Press 

(click through for the NEW website!!) 

As a way to sell my woodcut cards and prints and as a foot in the door for self-publishing, last fall I started Penny Bun Press. 

Then, after posting daily in February, I wanted to focus on developing my writing.

In order to help more people, more people would need to know my writing exists. For that to happen, I knew I wanted to learn more about social media marketing. At the end of March, I started a new Instagram profile so I could make all kinds of mistakes and try things out without spamming any of my friends, family, or other readers. 

In the four months (to the day) since I started that profile, I've reached more than 4x the people following my original Instagram profile for this blog over the year and a half of the profile's existence. 

With that experience tucked in my tutu, it's time to do some rearranging. My original instagram profile will now be private and reserved solely for friends and family and people I know in person.

Both myrrhmade and the brand I built with the new profile can now be found @realmyrrhmade 

Check in there daily for gorgeous photography, inspiring writing, and a good dash of silliness.


The other news is that if you follow this blog by email subscription, they're discontinuing that service. 

At some point I may look into having an email list and putting out information that way. For the present, with everything on my plate, it will stay on the back burner.

And now for the BIG NEWS!!

I've taken the text, comments, feedback, and my experiences since the Love Where You Are challenge and am turning them into a book! 

I'm in the editing process now as well as going through setting up all the back-end support like

Penny Bun Press's New Website! 

and things like buying ISBN numbers. Apparently it's a thing that authors do. 

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into my book! 


  1. Huzzah! Can't wait for the book!

    1. Thanks! Putting one foot in front of the other and trusting everything that needs to get done will get done!

  2. YAY Myrrh. You are so courageous. I cant wait to see the book!Callaxo

    1. Thank you so much for all your support Calla! I'm adding some more gorgeous photography and am so tempted to get a limited edition coffee table book printed. :D

  3. WOW. These are big doings.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.