Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Postcard from Penny Bun Press - 4.28.21


Over at Penny Bun Press, we're excited about Mums. Not the flowers (although we love those too!), but mothers. 

Mother's Day is coming up soon, on May 9th.

We want to celebrate all mums and this is why we're so excited to announce that customized, personalized, and mailed for you are 50% off! 

Can you think of any new mum's that could use some love? Do you have a beloved friend who is an amazing mom? For only $5(plus tax if applicable) you can support an amazing woman in your life.

I'll inscribe your message and pop it in the mail for you. I even have heart stamps! 

Click here to go directly to the Heart Mum cards.

Use code LOVEALLMUMS through May 5th (to give me time to print, inscribe, and mail your cards for you!) 

Do you have an adored second-mom? How about a fairy-godmum? Step-mum? 


Former college roommate's neighbor's cousin's piano teacher's mum? 

Send some love! 


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