Monday, March 28, 2016

Small Changes That Are Making a Big Difference


It's Spring! Finally! Officially, and actually.

The moss behind the garage is sprouting.

Size 4 toddler shoe photobombing for size comparison.

And again. 

Beautiful, green, life is everywhere. 

Inside, I never seem to do spring cleaning intentionally, but somehow I end up doing it naturally. 

This weekend we installed a "closet" for me in the bedroom. I'm so thrilled. It's been almost six months of trial after trial for how to make our bedroom work before we move upstairs and gut the room entirely. 

I love to hang my clothes. It's easy to access each piece, I can see them all simultaneously, and there's no wrinkles. It's a room with no closet - the house listing even stated that the 1st floor bedroom closet is in the bathroom, about as far from the bedroom as it's possible to get on this level. 

Outside,  the guys felled a few of the dead trees that line one side of our property.

There's still lots of cleanup to do and a few more trees to fell, but even on a gray rainy day like today it's easy to see how much brighter our world will be. I'm already daydreaming of possible garden space with the newfound clear view of the sky. 

And who knows, we may even grow some grass.


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