Monday, March 14, 2016

Great Toddler Tasks - GrandPops Juicer


Children want to help. They want to be useful. They want to learn how to do real things. They want to be important and valuable.

It's often so much easier to just do the job oneself, it's quicker and cleaner no doubt. But it's playing the short game - it gets the immediate job done but fails in the long run.

Part of our job as parents is teaching our little ones how to do real tasks so that they can become functioning, capable adults.

Toddlers, even little toddlers, can do real tasks, from putting laundry in the basket, wiping up spills, and yes! Making juice!

Several years ago I was the proud inheritor of my grandfather's citrus juicer. And yes, that is a custom fit wood piece fit into the handle, that he put in so it wouldn't slam or pinch around at the bottom.

With the prevalence of juice and sweetened drinks it's a good reminder of how much fruit is really needed to make a glass of juice, and how much was really customary to drink at a time in "olden days".

After pressing six halves, one orange each, (about 1.5 oz of juice) we had a delicious treat to add to our breakfast.

Does any juice really taste better than fresh squeezed?


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  1. Nice to see that very capable young girl at work!
    Please, squeeze me some!