Monday, January 11, 2016

Big Energy on Cold Days


While we try to get outside every day, when the temperatures drop below 20f or so, sometimes we need to burn energy off indoors - the days when it takes 45 minutes to get boots, coats, hats mittens, boots, scarves, boots, socks, and boots on everyone and five minutes after we get outside someone won't leave her mittens on, and someone has kicked her boots off more than once, outside, in the snow. 

Those are the days we need big energy activities inside.

Many of you may remember the lava game where you can't touch the floor.

When you have a one and a three year old, neither of whom know what lava is, and the idea of being burnt is just scary, not an idea with which to play, we build highways.

Chairs, benches, sturdy stools, and only sometimes the couch (?) are arranged in a line. Climbing, balancing, and rearranging as necessary, take up most of the morning or post-nap afternoon. 

And then there's the grocery shopping! Oh the errands done and items fetched from the store are glorious, hilarious, and well loved by all.

And sometimes you have to stop in the middle of the highway, in spite of your sister, and play the piano.


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