Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harvest Sunshine For These Rainy Days


We've had a cold snap, we've had a warm spell, and now we're solidly in a set of rainy autumn days.

While we go outside every day, rainy days have less outdoor time. What better way to spend some of our time inside than putting up the harvest and basking in the captured sunshine.

While we may not produce much in our own garden, we know people who do. We are so thankful to have access to such delicious, wholesome, local, and beautiful food grown by people we know and love. Eating good fresh food, grown and prepared by someone's hands is so important.

We're freezing sweet peppers, drying tomatoes (having canned many jars of roasted tomato sauce),

and eating as many apples (from a nearby orchard) as we like. 

I'm looking forward to picking up some local pumpkins and seeing what we can make of them.



  1. As if bringing up two lovely little girls isn't enough!
    It's amazing all the things you do, all the things you make happen.
    And you do them all so beautifully!

    1. And you also!

      Plus I don't usually even photograph the ones that are rubbish. :)