Thursday, April 12, 2012

200th Post! - Rhubarb and Raspberries


Between traveling and all the various events and possible events, almost another month has gone by. I'm still running and hope to do a 10k race next month. 

Spring is most definitely here with leaves on the trees an flowers everywhere. A recent trip to visit my family up in New Hampshire sent me home with rhubarb and raspberry plants. They've had quite a patch up there since I lived there and it was starting to take over the lawn. I was happy to take some off their hands and start patches of our own. 

For the rhubarb, I was delighted when a small piece I'd planted last year made it through the winter, even in a tough spot. In the photo above you can see where I added a foot of height to the red rock wall at the back of the mulch to expanded the length of the bed to the corner. In a couple of years this bed will hopefully provide a bountiful rhubarb crop. 

For the raspberries, I cut the sod and put them in rows parallel to my drive. At the moment it looks like a dirt strip so when there is more than baby leaves on tiny stumps, I'll post a picture of their placement. 

I'm excited to add more perennial foods to our homestead and look to add a couple more this growing season. 

The bronze fennel I added last year came up with great gusto and I look forward to little candy-like snacks as they grow larger.


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