Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raised Beds: making my own


When we started our gardens here a couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to trade some work for some beautiful cedar raised beds. Our dear friends over at The Farmstead, in Leverett, Massachusetts make gorgeous raised bed kits based upon a 17th century design and also make other garden gems like trellises and benches for local sale.

I have enjoyed my raised beds so much that I couldn't help but want to expand our garden space. This has been my dream for the remaining sun patch left vacant by the bushes we removed a year and a half ago.

The only thing better than supporting the businesses of friends is making things ourselves. We found a local lumber yard that carries untreated cedar (naturally rot resistant and free of any chemicals such as those used to treat plywood and other lumber) and got myself some boards.

Using the existing beds as inspiration, I cut out the pieces for mortise and tenon style joints. One of the great benefits of this classic joint is that it requires no hardware - nothing to rust or corrode. Even after years of use these corners will hold fast.

I am so happy to have the extra gardening space and so excited to get plants in the ground!



  1. Hi! I'm curious... how much money did you save by making these yourself as opposed to buying the Farmstead beds?

    1. The lumber I was able to get is a bit thinner than what Hugh used. Which means that they aren't quite as sturdy and will not last as long

      The total cost of lumber for both beds was around $100 (don't recall the exact amount)instead of $75 each for the 2'x 6' size - plus shipping or driving hours.