Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Geeking out with my new capsule machine!


I've been eying a capsule machine ever since reading a post by Progressive Pioneer, last fall. Yesterday, while waiting for my car to have its emissions tested, I wandered over to our little local health food store. Lo and behold they had them in stock!

I picked up a few more ingredients to supplement what I already had at home and impatiently waited for my car to be ready.

Once home, I mixed up a wellness blend to ward off colds, a health blend for myself, as well as encapsulating some of the psyllium husk powder we have in the cupboard.

It is such a delight to mix my own remedies and have this extra way of caring for our family.

(sorry for the blurry pictures was having camera troubles)

Some day soon I will even get to use my own dried herbs in our own remedies and blend my love for herb gardening and natural home remedies.

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