Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nectarine Heaven!



Oh what a pleasure it has been to "have" to deal with an entire grocery bag of nectarines.

I am in nectarine heaven. 

Over the past five days we have (left to right below) canned nectarine butter, canned nectarine slices, dried five dehydrator trays of slices (seen dried in the jar) and froze two full cookie sheet trays of slices to use in smoothies (still in bowl below). 


It has been such a delight to get to make such wonderful food for us to enjoy throughout the winter season, as well as wonderful things for now. 

I must say that roast chicken with roasted onions and nectarines was amazing both for dinner and reheated for lunches the following day. 

One of the 1/2 pints of canned peaches didn't seal, so we had to taste them. I must say I didn't mind having to try them. While canned peaches have long been a personal favorite, these are even better!

Even after a weeks worth of preserving, we still have about ten nectarines and half again as many peaches. I'm dreaming of canning peach salsa and brandied nectarines. But first we'll have to get some brandy.


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