Saturday, May 29, 2010

Riding in NYC-3 - private train car ride

Goodness! Almost a month has passed since I had the honor of joining my dear friend Chandra and her family for a ride in her parent's private train car - NYC-3 from New Haven, CT down to New York City.

It was a such a delight to get to ride in this elegant and timeless train car and imagine its glamorous history while in the company of people who each have a timeless elegance of their own.

I have always loved trains and have spent much time getting to ride from the east coast out to visit my grandparents in the midwest.

For details on the car and a bit of its fantastic story check out the website. (link above)

I have known of this train car for several years and could not help but jump at the opportunity to take a ride and enjoy such a classic experience.

Thank you Barbara and Lovett!


  1. I also love train. In-fact most of my journey I finish using trains. It just so much comfortable riding at train. However, I've enjoyed reading your private train riding experience in NYC.

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