Sunday, October 25, 2009

Progress, not perfection.

Well, after a bit of a funk and a lot of a breakdown I managed to get a lot done today :)

I finally had both time and the knowledge of Jake's papers so I could take him to get his toenails clipped. After a good long walk (complete with rocks) we went up to petco. The ladies were lovely and more than willing to hold him still until his nails were all set. It is such a relief to have that done.

I finished priming the fence - there are two panels left to paint but the paint is much more pleasant than the oil-base primer (awful stuff!)Then I carried the granite blocks up from the hill and laid them out at the base of the fence. Jake can be a digger so I want to discourage any of that.

I raked most of the front lawn and the patch in front of the fence filling in some of the stump-dents with leaves.

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. There is still so much to do but it feels so good to cross a few items off the list that have been there for far too long.

Now I am tired but awake :) This week's work load is looking a little more manageable now. :)

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