Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Four down, three to go! - front fence work

The progress continues!

Today we started putting in the stones for the front walk (and I got a few more

bags on the way home from the grocery store)

carried the granite blocks up from the back yard,

managed to get four of the seven stumps dug out (from the "bushes") of the front yard

got the rest of the fence posts for the front and back fences as well as the 2x4s for the shelves in the basement

put in the posts for the front fence and put up two sections! eee!


oh it is starting to look so lovely! It's also pretty impressive that I've had more people stop by today than the entire rest of the time I've lived here - one was even just a lady on her way who stopped mid-turn, while on her cell phone, to yell out how much she likes what we've done. :)

I can imagine all the people who drive out from the sub-division across the street won't miss the eyesore that was the "bushes"

I really love this neighborhood. Just about everyone I meet has lived here for more than 15 years and says "we've got everything!" Of course the "everything" means completely different things to each of them (a state trooper, a town cop, and a military guy, or a construction foreman, an excavator, and a furnace guy :) ) I'm so thankful to have a safe neighborhood with people who love to live here.

It's good to put down some roots.

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