Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yet another reason not to mow the lawn...

I've pretty much stopped mowing the lawn.

I insisted that we buy a reel mower instead of a gas or electric model on the grounds that I wouldn't use either of the latter.

Aside from wanting to keep as much greenery alive on our property as possible for ecological reasons, I like allowing whatever is there to bloom and thus having the delight of watching the bees, bumble and otherwise, in addition to the beauty of the flowers.

Delightfully I've also discovered that other than the front patch (in front of the bushes) none of the plants in our lawn get higher than four or five inches on average. The air smells wonderful and even in our semi-suburban area we have wildlife.

This morning, while listening to The No Impact Man on the back deck while knitting away at christmas presents, our little wild bunny was perusing the delightful bunny-banquet that is our lower lawn.

While fencing the side to keep jake from hopping down onto the neighbor's driveway I love that nature has full access to our lawn from the woods.

Hooray for bunnies :)

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