Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There's treasure everywhere! - Wild blackberry harvest

What a delightful place. I love it up here in Surry and always think of this as "home" in addition to wherever I happen to be living.

Jake and I just got back from a walk out to the closer swimming hole on the
river out back and returned with rocks in my pocket for my garden and these wild blackberries bundled up in my shirt. There used to be blackberries all throughout the gravel pits in the army corps land behind their house, but now there are only a few secret stands at the edge by the marsh. I am so delighted to find them out there again. Annie, one of my childhood dogs used to eat them straight off the bushes :D Jake is pretty good at finding the dropped ones on the ground, but he's young yet. :)

I did a bit more painting on the upstairs bathroom. I won't be able to finish it until next visit but I think it will come out really well when I'm through. It's so lovely to get to give back to Fred and Mary who make such a wonderful contribution to my life and use my talents, doing something I love, to make a difference.

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