Thursday, January 11, 2024

Notes from the Atelier: January 11th, 2024



1: an artist's or designer's studio or workroom

Hello lovelies! 

While I'm still filling out the occasional Penny Bun Press order, life has been extremely full of other things than making art. 

Graduating from Smith College as an Ada Comstock Scholar in 2022 while still homeschooling, and solo parenting whenever HandsomeJoe travels was a huge accomplishment. Even though it's been almost two years since I only recently have felt my head begin to clear. 

I don't have more free time but I do have more oomph to consider actually doing some. Hah! 

While my atelier seemed to be gathering dust, I was collecting ideas. I was reading, holding down the fort, answering ALL THE QUESTIONS, and figuring out some of what this next chapter contains.

More design, less production, more creativity and delight, less packaging. 

As I contemplated things going forward, I was contacted by a gorgeous flower farm up in Vermont about a logo design. Flying Moon Farm is a small cut flower farm in Pawlet and the photos are stunning! 

Now I'm daydreaming of a summer road trip to soak in some of that beauty with my own eyes, a couple of girls, and a camera. Particularly during these cold snowy days, the colors of so many flowers brighten my soul.

Isn't it just magical when someone asks you to do something you love? 

Design, more than even carving or printing, makes my heart sing! 

(and a ladybug)

Cheers to making beautiful things, forming new connections, to doing what we love, and making the world a better place! 

What are you working on lately? Read anything delicious? Try anything new? Learn anything interesting? 

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