Thursday, March 25, 2021

And Finally, It Is Spring – An Ode to Crocuses

An Ode to Crocuses

This year, more than ever, the world held its breath for spring. 

Now that it is truly here, I feel the rushing out of breath held in too long 

And the deep satisfying inhale of fresh air, rich with smells of thawing earth. 

The soil bursts forth with life that lay coiled 

And now thrusts upward to meet the returning sun.

The glorious trumpeting of crocuses heralds the warm spring rains 

That have come to awaken all that lay below.

The demure snowdrops cracked open the door for spring 

And the crocuses fling it wide.

The rich hues and vibrant petals are harbingers of honey to come.

The bold tulips will gratefully parade along the pathway the crocuses have cleared.

And I shall sit in the shade and be glad for it all. 

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