Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's Snailing!

Phew! My semester is over and summer break has begun. 

Finals are in, final projects have been submitted, and one of my biggest semesters, both courseload and world-event wise, has come to a close.

While making many adjustments to the major plot-twist of the season, I made some cool stuff!

For a final project for one of my classes, I make woodcuts and printed some snails! 

One morning, as I worked on this project, it was precipitating a mix of snow and hail - we decided it was snailing. :) 

Later on, on the kitchen island, it was also snailing.

The snailing only got heavier from there. I'm so pleased with how well these came out. I have a larger woodcut project planned for the fall as my Capstone project for my Book Studies concentration. I applied for a Rosenthal Research Fellowship Grant and my project was fully funded! Now, I wait for the materials to arrive!

What have you been creating? 

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