Thursday, August 17, 2017

Not On My Watch - Thoughts on White Privilege, Racism, and Standing Up for Good.

Signs available locally and free printout link here.

These are troubled times. What has been long ignored has festered and is rising to the surface. 

I am here to say, in no uncertain terms, I will not allow bigotry, racism, or discrimination in my home or circles of influence.

Last year, in the wake of the presidential election, I wrote: dear friends, neighbors, fellow humans of every color, gender, creed, faith/non-faith, and orientation, in the face of vitriolic current events, I see you. 

You belong here just as much as I do. 

I will actively fight my own biases and "ism"s, and raise my girls to know that love has no color or orientation, that all people are people, and that all people matter. 

We will stand with you and for you.

You are safe and welcome in our home. You are loved. 


I am a short, curvy, blond-haired, blue-eyed, cisgendered, married, straight white woman with children.

I have more resources, social wealth/currency, approval, and privilege than most people in the world. 

I am not singled out a threat. I have never been searched in any kind of security check point. 

The only way I could be more privileged is if I was a man.

Angry white men, supported by women like them, are lighting torches and inciting hate and violence. 

This is not some medieval witch hunt. 

This is today. 

The time for polite silence is long past - if it ever truly existed. 

So what can we do? 

Educate yourselves, Own your feelings, and Act.

Here are some resources: 

writes here about privilege, and the difference between racism, discrimination, & bigotry.

Her eloquent and thoughtful writing always inspires and encourages. Her commitment to "look for the light" is a beacon in these dark times.

For a great dose of reality as well as practical suggestions:
(warning swearwords) 

"...6.) I’ve tried to help in the past but I just feel so lost. This is because you’re thinking on an individual level. White people are a group and you are a part of that group.

7.) There’s nothing I can do to help. Amplify. Speak out. Follow the voices on the ground. Denounce white supremacy.

8.) I don’t know how to do that. Like this: “What’s happening in Charlottesville is because of us, white folks. It’s because we haven’t been accountable. It’s because we haven’t collected our own people. It’s because we haven’t faced our history and our complacency in this system. People are dying and I’m not standing for it anymore. Not in my name. Racism must be called out, named and abolished. White supremacy must be denounced. Nazis must be stopped.”"

Nice White Ladies "is dedicated to bringing white folks up to speed on the racial justice conversation." Has lots of great resources, action steps, and links.

Use your privilege and resources for good. 

You should NOT be comfortable with what is happening.

There are many other incredible writers and resources. Find them. Share their work. Amplify their voices. Add your own.

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