Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When a Purple-loving-girl follows a Blue


When C was little, she wore a lot of gender-neutral clothing. We are active girls and who knew if she would have little sister or brother. 

Turns out we're a family with just girls. 

She showed a strong preference for blue before she could even say it improperly.

Her little sister on the other hand has always strongly preferred purple. 

What's a mum to do with a slew of hand-me-down blue? 

Dye it. 

Yes, you can even dye sneakers. 

Using basic Purple liquid RIT dye, following the instructions on the package (add 1c salt for cotton fabrics) I did a purple dye load.

The slightly different socks are all purple now. 

For the girl who gets excited about purple undies but resists most others? We've got her covered. (Get it? covered? :) ) 

So happy for an easy solution to a girl who doesn't want the blues. And especially grateful that the blue girl is first.


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