Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sugared Violets - Satur-DIY May 28th, 2016

White, purple, and speckled sugared violets. 
Sugared violets (also called candied violets) are a decadent and delightful, beautifully simply treat. 

Violets are one of my favorite edible flowers. The process of sugaring them not only preserves them but really brings out the violet flavor of the flowers. If you've ever eaten a violet flower you might be surprised at how much more intense the flavor gets once they've been sugared.

Ingredients and supplies:

Fresh picked violets 
I recommend preparing other ingredients before picking

Egg whites
One egg white gently scrambled will be plenty unless you're going to mass produce sugared violets.

VERY clean paint brush
Even a brand new or food only paintbrush should be washed thoroughly, perhaps repeatedly, with dish soap. You're painting food!

Super fine refined white sugar
  You can either buy the super fine crystalized sugar or pulse regular table sugar in a blender or food processor to reduce the size of the crystals. You don't want powdered, just super fine crystals.

Helpful but not necessary:

Parchment paper
Cooking tray 


1.) Carefully brush all surfaces of the flower with egg whites.

The egg white is the clear glue that holds the sugar on the petals.

2.) Sprinkle and evenly coat all egg white surfaces with super fine sugar.

3.) Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry they will become a bit crispy and the flavor of the candied violets will really pop.

 Stored in an airtight container, they should keep for ages. Perfect for a summery treat in unexpected moments.

I can still remember a cake, not the party, the event, or even the location, from my childhood decorated with candied violets. I was fascinated and inspired to learn about edible flowers and natural decorations.

We are down to the last few violet blossoms in our meadow, so hopefully you may have a few left here or there to try your hand at this beautiful and tasty treat. Or you can store the idea away until another spring.

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