Monday, July 22, 2013

Going Back to Basics - Use Your Scraps


There are many things that past generations did as a matter of course that we are just beginning to bring back now - such as bringing bags to carry goods home. I am so thankful that  throwaways are becoming less and less favorable. 

For many reasons I've sought to minimize my use of plastics and have always preferred natural materials. When buying or making toys or other stuffed objects I've always tried to use cotton or wool, but due to cost have succumbed to the ease of poly-fill on more than one occasion. 

Just over two years ago I made a scrap bag to collect the little bits and ends of fabric and yarn leftover from any of my various endeavors. Finally, the "something delightful" I threatened to stuff has come along. 

Rag dolls of yesteryear were made with leftover scraps and stuffed with even more of the same. Today we can just as easily use our extra bits of fiber instead of buying new material.

To make your own scrap stuffing, save the odds and ends from your projects as you go. Cut your scraps/rags into pieces one inch or smaller. This will allow them to shift and move with washing.

Rag or scrap stuffing works like a dream, is completely machine washable, and will not shrink or clump like many natural stuffings. It also reduces and recycles perfectly good fiber that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 


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