Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a whirlwind

It has been a crazy few weeks with quite the tornado of activity. I've had a backlog of intended blog postings but don't like to do more than a couple in a day. By the time I remember to post again so many other things have happened that I fear many happy thoughts have gone without proper documentation.

From fantastic visitors (both human and puppy), great food, picking up the first meat csa share, serious progress on the front path (rocks and dirt and grass seed!), planting my veggie gardens, seeing the inside of a house down the road that (fingers SERIOUSLY crossed) Ben is looking into purchasing, homemade coconut milk ice creams, more good food, and definite progress indoors as well.

It's now just about two months until Joe returns (hopefully) and the pressure/excitement/energy to get a lot done is in full swing. It is so great to work hard and see such beauty appear in my world. It is such a pleasure to have a house, to know I'll be living here in a while, and to be able to make it a better place knowing that I will be one of the ones to reap the benefits. :)


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