Monday, August 3, 2009

conglomerate and a breather - love yourself and let her see

Fantastic visit over at Michael and Joy's house complete with flying dog chases, grilled fish caught by our host, lovely conversation, girlie time with accompanying manly time in the other room and just a wonderful night all together.

Listening to a podcast, I came across a concept that I love. I'm mostly paraphrasing but here's the gist:

The interviewee was given advice from a mentor when he was about to become a father:

You have two jobs with your daughter.

The first job, which is the easier, and you'll mess it up along the way but you'll figure it out and it's still important is to teach her how to be in the world - how to blow her nose and cross the street and say please and thank you and all that.

The second job is to teach her how to love herself.

The man said that he then asked how he was supposed to do that.

The mentor told him to love himself and let her see.


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