Tuesday, June 9, 2009

random things that make me happy - highlights from away

I just got back from a fantastic few days in New Hampshire.

I cannot remember being so happy or giggly (or stress free) in quite some time.

Some of the highlights:

LONG walks through the army corps land behind my grandparents where there were several bullfrog choruses, skinny-wading (wasn't quite warm enough for real swimming)

Making Jack-a-l'oranges :D (jack-a-lanterns out of oranges and filling them with fruit salad)

Making jello with the leftover fruit and putting in leftover colored tapioca balls :D Wiggly food with floaty spungy balls and fruit in it is fun. :D

Found a pair of fun sneakers (finally found converse I love on me) and then when we got home Jake decided to hang out in the trunk while I was unloading the rest of the car. :)

I know there are lots of happy thoughts I've forgotten but they will have to wait until another day :)


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